Tuscarora High School Students For A Democratic Society

Students For A Democratic Society

April 15, 2008
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Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is a Student Power Group dedicated to building a mass movement for democratic control of our lives. We believe students must make the education system more democratic and take control of the education process. We hope that by students taking leadership in this process it will become less alienating to everyone involved and more empowering to the student body.

We believe that we can build a society based on social justice and democratic principals.


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What we want

February 4, 2008
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We want a democratic class room, democratic school system, and democratic society.

Tuscarora High School Students for a Democratic Society wants an environment where participants are passionate about learning. To do this we need an environment that is democratic and empowering to all involved.

Tuscaroa High School Students for a Democratic Society wants to empower students in the class room and the over all education process. Our goal is to
organize students so we can build buttom up school systems. Where Students are in control.

THS-SDS wants the student body to have equal say in what effects the student body’s life. Creating a place where students have equal say to the P.T.A, Teachers and Adminstration.

Our hope is to achieve a student run schools and class rooms. We want teachers to be facilitators not authority figures, so class rooms are not based around obedience, but around passion for the subject.

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